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How to Quickly Convert Standard Units and Metric

Nearly all countries in the world use the International System of Units (SI) first proposed in 1791 to the French ...
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3 Sites for Quickly Converting Units

Although we all try to forget it, high school is one of the very few memories that will haunt us ...
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Easy Ways to Memorize the Metric Prefixes

Why the U.S. does not use the metric system is beyond me, but alas, we've had to struggle with converting ...
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3 Free Apps for Converting Units

I don't know about you, but unit-conversion was (and still is) the most frustrating form of mathematics out there. I ...
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5 Free Tools to Help You Convert Units

Whether you’re traveling across the world and need to convert your money to another country’s or simply needing to know ...
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3 Reasons Converting to Correct Units of Measurement is Absolutely Vital

When measuring a quantity, the units we use are just as important as the numerical value we obtain. Stating that ...
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