3 Sites for Quickly Converting Units

Although we all try to forget it, high school is one of the very few memories that will haunt us forever. We all tried to face bullies, talk to girls, and of course the most triumphant feat of them all – unit conversions.  

But have no fear, because none of us will have to suffer the intense frustrations of high school mathematics ever again – thanks to these sites. So let’s check out the top 3 sites for converting units, shall we? 

Online Conversion

Over at OnlineConversion.com, you can find the answers you’re looking for, and fast. Try not to be intimidated by the rough-looking homepage, because underneath all of that crusty HTML is a site with ten times the functionality that an app ever could.  

I mean, this site has a unit conversion formula for just about everything, including power, pressure, light, clothing sizes, and of course astronomical distances. I’m not sure who needs to know how many parsecs there are between two galaxies, but something tells me they use this site a lot.  

This site seriously has everything you could ever want from a unit-conversion site and more. I mean, if this site were any smarter it would probably convert you to Scientology. So, check out Online Conversion and let me know what you think of it! 

Unit Converters

Basic online unit converters don’t even hold a candle to UnitConverters.net. Along with having a virtually flawless basic unit converter on the homepage, this site includes links to all of the most complex unit converters the internet has to offer.  

I’m talking about a Magnetic Flux Density Converter, a Frequency Wavelength Converter, and even a Radiation-Absorbed Dose Converter – you know, the essentials. Seriously though, I’m not sure what anybody would need those for, but I’m glad they’re there. 

Using the unit converters featured on this site, a talented individual could probably build a spaceship in under 4 hours, no problem. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself if you need help either checking your homework, building a vacuum-resistant spacecraft, or even simply calculating the speed of those supercars on Top Gear. 

Quite a few people actually use this site for converting currency before they go on vacation too. You’d be surprised how affordable some places in the world are when you have a few American dollars to spare. Looking at you Thailand. 


Google is probably the most underrated conversion calculator of them all. Sure, it might not help you figure out the radiation mileage of a Russian nuclear submarine, but it won’t have any problems helping you check your chemistry homework. 

Believe it or not, Google is the most-used unit converter on the internet, which is a little surprising considering how intricate the previous websites have been. However, you have to remember that Google can do almost anything with their superior search engine, and converting units is one of them.  

Even if you don’t get the answer you’re looking for, you’ll probably still stumble upon something you can use to help you out. Well, that’s about all of the greatest sites for converting units that the internet has to offer, but unit conversion goes far beyond the realms of the internet. Apps on your tablet or smartphone can give you all these powers and more, and I’m sure we will explore those soon, but for now, I’d just like to say – happy converting everybody.

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