3 Free Apps for Converting Units

I don’t know about you, but unit-conversion was (and still is) the most frustrating form of mathematics out there. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t sitting in chemistry class with my head in my hands, all because of some ‘simple’ unit conversions. 

But that was in 2010; back when smartphone apps were based mostly around gaming and news. Now though, apps are available for anyone to use that convert any sort of unit you could possibly imagine at a moments notice. No need to show your work on this one, guys. 

Convert Units Free

This app called Convert Units Free is the perfect ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your converting needs. It gives you the ability to convert angles, data, currency, weight, and much, much more. 

Oh, and the best part? It’s totally free. Most free conversion apps only give you a taste of their final product, but Convert Units Free gives its users the power to do virtually anything – as long as it’s with numbers. You won’t be disappointed by this app considering its easy-to-use interface, stylized menus, and impressive calculation speed. 

Convert Units Free puts the power in your hands, but it’s still not ‘the best of the best’ as they say. That’s because this app only gives you the basics. For the real-deal conversions, you’ll need to spend a little money. But as far as a free app goes, it’s pretty incredible. 

XE Currency

Whether your job involves heavy calculations with cash at an international level, or you just want to get an A on your finance test, XE Currency is the conversion app for you. You could also find more than a few uses for this app while traveling too.  

If you’ve ever thought about traveling to somewhere else in the world, but weren’t sure if you could afford it, just convert your existing savings into this app and see where in the world it takes you. Even if you only have around $600 on hand, you might be surprised by how many places across the globe are still in your price range. 

XE Currency doesn’t just deal with converting money – it also updates the value of precious metals like gold, silver, and aluminum every single minute. Pretty impressive, right? Well, what’s even more impressive is the fact that it’s free. Go check it out. 


If I had a nickel for every type of conversion Units was capable of producing – I’d probably need this app to help me collect my earnings. It’s a fully functional (and free) conversion app for the iPhone and apple watch that works like a charm. 

You’ll be blown away by how easy this app is to use. By mimicking the user-interface used by most of Apples old calculating apps, Units has effectively made a system that almost anyone can figure out. 

I think the most interesting part about this app is the downloadable apple watch version. I don’t know – something about calculating the density of the moon on your wrist just screams “future” to me. Try it out now and see for yourself!

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