3 Reasons Why Adult Dating Is Growing So Fast


If you’ve been a part of the current online dating platforms, then you’ve noticed the surplus of older women and men on these sites. Since numerous varying sites are targeted towards older people, it’s easier to gauge that adult dating is in fact consistently growing.

Love has no age limit, and the more tech-savvy adults are getting, the more capable they are to download, install and create all of the various dating profiles that younger generations are obsessed with.

1. Longer Lifespan:

People are living longer and even if their partner didn’t escape death doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be putting themselves out there. With the right amount of care, exercise and healthy habits there is a longer life span giving people a more realistic approach to settling down.

If you’re supposedly living closer to eighty years, there isn’t a rush to get married and start having children around twenty anymore, therefore giving people more of a leeway for the older generation to play a part in the dating world.

The emotional roller coaster surrounding a devastating separation or divorce has been cut short due to all of the options available at your disposal on all of the various apps available. It’s almost too easy to find someone, especially compared to the traditional dating techniques the older generation is used to.

2. Career Driven:

Society as a whole has turned to this self-empowerment, and career-driven mindset while putting the traditional family values and obsession of love on the back burner. Inevitably, everyone needs human interaction and affection leaving adults yearning to take things to the next level even though they’ve become workaholics.

When you’re set in your ways due to being single for so long it can be intimidating putting yourself out there but if you have useful apps that are basically doing the dating for you, why not put yourself out there? Even if adults are busy with their jobs, likely children and hobbies there is always time to focus on their love life.

3. Divorce Rate:

Unfortunately, not all love stories have a happy ending, and instead of people staying divorced or widowed, there is a convenient way to meet a new love. The amount of eligible bachelor’s and bachelorette’s in the world due to divorce is unbelievable, especially when they now get a second chance at love by dating online.

Even if it means they have to get a little help from their kids in the process of taking selfies, the increase in divorce rates is exactly the reason why you see more adults on dating sites. Instead of pondering why it didn’t workout with their ex, adults are now given the opportunity to revamp their love lives leaving all of the failed relationships in the past.

The surprising influx of adults entering the dating world is fascinating and awfully convenient for the younger people craving relationships with older people.