How Twitter and Instagram can help nerds bang tonight


You might think that Tinder and Bumble and FuckPal are the sort of dating sites you need to download to get laid. But, boy are you wrong. You could literally delete all your dating apps and still have the tools to get some if you have a Twitter or an Instagram account.
Yeah, your social media apps are realistically all you need to find someone who might want to sleep with you! Think back to what you’d do to meet people online before you could swipe through everyone in your area. That’s right! You’d probably creep around on Facebook or Myspace to find friends of friends who’d be willing to accept your friend request.
So, let’s revert back to that. Sure, it’s a lot more work than swiping mindlessly… but you’re probably going to find more people than you would on a dating site. And by already having friends in common you’ll probably be more likely to get some action!
I recommend looking through your friend’s profiles for people who might be potential lays. Find people you have more than one mutual friend with! This will make the person feel like they already know you a little bit!
Here are a few steps to Insta/Twitter stalking success:
1. Look through friend’s followers who are people you like
You’re going to want to go through your close friend’s friends. Why? Well, these are people you like. So, the people they follow are more likely to be people you’re going to like. You shouldn’t go through a frenemy’s page because it’s likely the people they follow are going to be their friends. And the company you keep says a lot about you!
Going off that thread, you’re going to want to have a friend in common with your perceived target because you’re going to want them to think positively of you. You’re probably going to have something in common with this person or at least befriend the same people, which hints at compatibility.
2. Follow them!
Before you start blowing up their phone give them a follow! I like following people, waiting for them to follow back (or to accept my follow request) and then liking some of their posts! This shows that not only are you interested but you’re paying attention.
If you want to play the long game I suggest liking and replying to some of their posts over a short period of time to see what they’re about to let them know you really do exist…
But if you’re more into the “fuck tonight” part of this article, then you should definitely skip the niceties and…
3. Slide into the DMs with some serious flirtiness
So, if your goal is to truly fuck tonight you can’t afford to play the long game. And you can’t afford to beat around the bush. Instead of leisurely liking photos I’d hit them with a few quick likes and a message in the DMs.
I’d go for something flirty and forward but not too vulgar!
Then rinse and repeat until you find success!

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3 Reasons Converting to Correct Units of Measurement is Absolutely Vital

When measuring a quantity, the units we use are just as important as the numerical value we obtain. Stating that the mass of an object is one, says very little about the actual mass of the object. Someone reasonably then might ask, “One what?”

Read on to discover why it is absolutely critical that you convert to the correct units of measurement.

Some People Use Different Units

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of units to use when measuring just about anything. That being said, there are also different types of units to use when measuring a single item—which can sometimes lead to confusion to mix-ups.

If you receive measurements from someone else’s work and their findings, and you don’t then set your work to match their units of measurement, your entire project will be doomed. It is vital to understand that your go-to unit of measurement may not be someone else’s go-to unit of measurement, and that is something you must constantly check and adjust for.

Some Quantities Are Complicated to Measure

While there are easier things to measure like the height of the tallest skyscraper or the length of the Great Wall of China, there are far more complicated things to measure like the density of lava or the acceleration of a meteor. Using the correct unit of measurement is absolutely vital to a correct calculation that’ll produce the answer you are hoping to find, but one incorrect unit and everything fades away. Many quantities that are difficult to measure, such as volume, force and velocity, require complicated equations that must be calculated using their own specific unit of measurement.

Different Units Measure Different Things

It’s a no-brainer that different units measure different base quantities. While some units can measure multiple quantities, or one quantity can be measured by multiple units, there are general rules and categories that most units separate into.

You would not measure the quantity of time with the same units used to measure the quantity of temperature, nor would you measure the quantity of length with the same units you use to measure the quantity of mass. But when measuring length alone, there are many different types of units you could use (centimeter, inch, foot) as well as when you measure temperature (Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Celsius.)

So it is absolutely critical that you convert to the correct units of measurement.

Check out the video below to learn more about converting units!

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